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Explore our Advanced Messaging Platform and start sending campaigns in no time!


A Trusted Messaging Partner

With Global Reach

Fortytwo has come a long way from its Swedish roots as an SMS aggregator to a highly trusted mobile engagement solutions provider for multiple international brands.

The experience and knowledge accrued over 20 years in operations have been forged into products and solutions that are focused on engaging your customers on mobile and taking your brand communications to the next level.

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How Fortytwo works

By connecting your system to Fortytwo, we will route and deliver your messages to your audience anywhere in the world through our advanced messaging solutions, allowing your systems to seamlessly communicate with your customers.


We facilitate automated communication across most major industries including finance, retail, hospitality, e-commerce, gaming, marketing, health, logistics and many more.


Our Main Solutions

Count on Fortytwo’s messaging solutions to deliver your messages efficiently and reliably.

Certified to Succeed

We’re proud to be GSMA certified, accredited by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

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