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All your questions answered

FAQs & Acronyms

  • How does the Messaging Gateway integrate with our existing CRM or software?
    Fortytwo provides an API that seamlessly integrates with most CRM platforms, allowing you to start sending SMS messages directly.
  • How do I ensure that messages are sent to valid numbers?
    Fortytwo offers number validation services to verify and filter out inactive or incorrect numbers.
  • Can I automate my SMS campaigns?
    Yes, our platform includes scheduling and automation features, allowing you to streamline your messaging campaigns.
  • Can I send messages globally?
    Absolutely! Fortytwo has partnerships with over 800 mobile networks to provide reliable global message delivery.
  • What type of messages can I send through the Gateway?
    You can send promotional messages, transactional alerts, reminders, and even two-way messages for customer interaction.
  • Is Fortytwo's Messaging Gateway secure?
    Yes, we use encryption and comply with industry standards to ensure your data and communications remain secure.
  • Is there support for different languages and Unicode?
    Yes, our Gateway supports Unicode for non-Latin characters and multilingual messaging.
  • How does the pricing structure work?
    Our pricing is based on the number of messages sent and the destination country. Custom pricing is available for high-volume campaigns.
  • What kind of customer support is available?
    We provide 24/7 customer support through our technical team to help resolve issues quickly.
  • How is message deliverability tracked?
    Our analytics dashboard offers delivery tracking, reports, and insights to help optimise your messaging campaigns.
  • What are the advantages of instant messaging (IM)?
    Instant messaging is a cost effective and a feature rich messaging solution which supports long message lengths, audio-visual files and Two-factor Authentication (2FA).
  • How do you send SMS messages?
    Fortytwo has a full range of bespoke solutions and hardware connected to the backbone of the telecommunication network. These solutions ensure Fortytwo can deliver messages directly to handsets while maintaining quality control. Fortytwo has also teamed up with a number of trusted telecom companies to provide coverage across an even wider range of networks.
  • How quickly can I be sending messages?
    Fortytwo allows you to register an account and add credits in real-time on-line. As soon as this process is completed, clients can start sending messages.
  • What are the advantages of SMS messaging?
    SMS messaging does not require an internet connection and is available on all mobile devices that comply with GSM standards irrespective of the brand, operating system and installed applications. With an open rate of 98%, SMS messaging is a fast and efficient messaging solution for your business.
  • What happens if a phone is switched off?
    Multiple attempts to deliver a message occur during the validity period of that message.
  • Are my messages secure?
    Fortytwo uses industry level standards of security and data protection. If you are interested in high security messaging solutions, please contact our Business Development team to further discuss your requirements.
  • Which mobile networks can I send SMS messages to?
    Fortytwo covers over 1000+ mobile networks all over the globe and there are very few GSM networks that are not covered. Please contact our Business Development team to discuss further.
  • How is an instant message displayed on the phone?
    Fortytwo works with a number of Instant Chat apps which have unique phone displays and user experience. Please contact our Business Development and Customer Service Teams if you would like a demonstration of message displays on your phone.
  • Can someone reply to my messages?
    Yes. Fortytwo has a 2-way messaging solution that receives messages and sends them back to your system or interface. It is also possible to use a known device number as a sender ID and all replies will automatically be directed to this device. Please contact us for further information on how to setup two-way messaging.
  • How do I know if my contact can receive an Instant Chat Message?
    Fortytwo’s system checks to see if an instant message can be delivered and is auto configured to use other channels if the message is not received. Determining if a message can be delivered via instant messaging is free of charge.
  • Where can I send my messages?
    Mobile messages can be sent to any device with a unique telephone number on the GSM network. Instant messaging has the added advantage of moving beyond GSM networks to deliver to an even wider spectrum of users. Please contact our Business Development team to discuss further.
  • What phones can I deliver messages to?
    SMS messages can be delivered to any phone that complies with the GSM standards for a mobile device. Typically, IM can be delivered to any device with the relevant application installed.
  • Do you have any client databases that I can make use of?
    Fortytwo does not hold your personal data or data for any network. We do offer a suite of solutions that can help you build and maintain your own client database. Please contact our Business Development team to discuss further.
  • How do I pay?
    Our main methods of accepting payment are on-line payment gateway with Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please contact our customer service department and we can help you through the process of making a real-time payment to Fortytwo.
  • How am I charged?
    Messaging services are charged as they are used with no monthly/annual recurring fee. IM is charged per successful delivery, SMS per successful submission, while NVS is charged for each successful reply. Our customer control panel (CCP) clearly list the prices for each service you use. Fortytwo does not charge for simply holding an account with us and only charges for the use of our services. Some services may be offered on a recurring weekly, monthly, or annual fixed charge, please ask our business development team for more information.
  • Do I pay before or after my messages are sent?
    Fortytwo predominantly works on a pre-paid basis, as is the standard for the messaging industry. Funds are only utilised in real-time during service utilisation. Successful submission, successful delivery and successful reply are some charging methods used by Fortytwo for a variety of services.
  • How much does it cost?
    Fortytwo has a number of services and solutions with various pricing structures. Please contact our business development team for any pricing requests you have.
  • What currency am I billed in?
    Fortytwo always bills in Euros. Whenever we raise an invoice or a request for funds, the indicated amount will always be in Euros.
  • What currency can I pay in?
    Fortytwo always requests funds in Euros, and credits are added to accounts based on the Euro figure used when topping up. Since we accept credit card payments through our chosen credit card payment gateway, it is also possible to pay in your currency of choice with the credit card company converting the currency into the equivalent Euro amount.
  • What is the maximum number of messages I can send?
    Fortytwo’s message system is built on high availability, fully scalable architecture. Whatever your messaging requirements, please speak to us and we will accommodate your needs.
  • What type of customer service do you offer?
    Fortytwo has a fully operational 24-hour/365 days customer service team of multi-lingual service agents. Good customer service and a timely response to any queries is our hallmark.
  • Can I specify the message sender?
    Fortytwo’s system lets you define the message ID within the standard constraints of character length and format. Certain networks and jurisdictions have their own particular constraints too. Instant messaging technologies vary in the sender ID that clients can adopt. Please speak with our business development or customer service department for more information.
  • What sender will the message appear from?
    The sender ID is a user defined field for both SMS and instant messaging (IM) available on our Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP). Some networks and instant messaging systems, place their own constraints on the sender IDs that can be used. It is important to note that SMS messaging is a two-way mode of operation and the sender ID must also equate to the return path you wish the customer to reply on.
  • Can I see my message history?
    Fortytwo maintains all transactional details for all sent messages in accordance with law. These details are available to our clients through the client control panel (CCP). Clients can access all information regarding messaging history through the CCP.
  • What languages can I message in?
    Fortytwo’s messaging system and Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP) is fully compatible with all languages normally encoded. If any given language is available via SMS or instant messaging (IM), it is highly likely that Fortytwo can send messages in the given language too. Please contact our customer service team to ask about your specific language requirements.
  • Do you have live support?
    Yes. Fortytwo has 24hrs/365 days multi-lingual customer service staff ready to answer your questions. Get in touch, we are waiting to answer your questions.
  • What is the minimum number of messages I can send?
    Fortytwo allows clients to send single messages. The minimum number of messages that a client can send is a single one.
  • Can I schedule when my messages are sent?
    Yes. Fortytwo’s systems allow for the scheduling of messages and the validity period of messages as well.
  • What delivery rate do you offer?
    Fortytwo will always endeavour to deliver your message. Most non-deliveries arise from issues out of our control such as bad numbers, operator issues or unavailable mobile devices. The vast majority of our mobile messages are successfully delivered. We also employ our Number Validation Service (NVS) to increase the successful delivery rate by ensuring that your numbers are valid.
  • Are there any restrictions on what I can send?
    Fortytwo is here to provide you with all your messaging and communication requirements. Fortytwo will not tolerate any illegal communications, breach of intellectual property, breach of Data Privacy, obscenity, pornography and any other form of restricted communications in the use of our messaging platform and as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Each further product line has similar terms and conditions, please ensure that these are adhered too.
  • Can I choose my sender ID?
    This depends on the network that the messages are sent. Fortytwo’s system and solution is fully supportive of customer specified sender IDs up to a maximum of 11 characters normally. Please contact customer service to ask about your preferred send ID.
  • Can I use special characters in my messages?
    Most special characters can be used in SMS messaging, thus reducing the total message length to 70 characters instead of the typical 160 charactoers. Instant Chat Messages normally utilise special characters without constraint.
  • Can I send messages to friends?
    Fortytwo enables systems and business entities to message and communicate with their clients. It is not designed as a messaging system for personal use. There are many alternative systems and solution designed for personal use. If you contact one of our customer service agents, they will be more than happy to explain some of our preferred options.
  • What is Fortytwo’s Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP)?
    Fortytwo’s Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP) is a system that combines all of Fortytwo’s messaging capabilities in one single solution. This allows our customers to set up a campaign, utilising a combination of solutions such as SMS, Instant Messaging (IM), Voice and 2-Way communications on one unified platform.
  • What is an API?
    An API is a system-to-system interface which can access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. We have APIs for all of our services, allowing full integration of our solutions into our clients systems. Our APIs are available in a number of formats including REST, HTTP, SMPP and SOAP.
  • What is Fortytwo’s Number Validation Service (NVS)?
    Number Validation Service (NVS) is a suite of products developed by Fortytwo which provides solutions for verifying, reporting, storing and using mobile numbers. Let us help you ensure that you have the right number and use it in the right way.
  • Can I test your services?
    Fortytwo provides a free of charge, no obligation test account for prospective customers to try our services. Start your free trial now.
  • MNC
    Mobile Network Code – A 2 or 3 digit code used to define which network (within a country) where a call or message will be sent.
  • IM
    Instant Message – A message sent from an application or protocol on a device, which is then transferred through a network and displayed on the recipients device using the same application or protocol. Instant messages are often displayed in real time and built around a format that enables seamless two way discussion.
  • GSM
    Global System for Mobile – A standard for communication amongst mobile devices which was originally created in Europe but now used in most of the world. It allows different handsets and platforms to seamlessly communicate with each other.
  • API
    Application Program Interface – A set of protocols and parameters which outline the expected inputs and outputs of a system or solution. An API enables different systems to connect to each other and explains how the integration should be structured.
  • MNO
    Mobile Network Operator – A company who operates a mobile network within a jurisdiction.
  • SMS
    Short Message Service– A standard format of sending short text messages using the GSM protocol for communication.
  • T&C
    Terms and Conditions – The rules, regulations and parameters required in order to use a service.
  • P2P
    Person to Person – When messages are generated by one person, and then sent to another person for use by the recipient. Instant Chat Messages and applications are fast replacing SMS as the standard P2P method of messaging.
  • A2P
    Application to Person – When messages are generated by automated systems, software and hardware and terminated on personal mobile devices.
  • 2FA
    Two-Factor Authentication – Two-Factor Authentication limits the risk of fraudulent access to secured online services by adding a second layer of protection to a users login credentials.
  • MNP
    Mobile Number Portability – Jurisdictions which allow clients and users to acquire a unique telephone number from one operator, and then transfer that number to another operator of choice. This process can be carried out on multiple occasions at the user’s discretion.
  • MCC
    Mobile Country Code – A 3 digit code used to define the country where a call or message will be sent.
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