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Your Message, Your Voice


Fortytwo Voice

Our solution enables you to broadcast your message through a voice call directly to your customer’s mobile or landline phone worldwide. You can choose to broadcast a pre-recorded audio file or have your text input converted to a voice message automatically to a language of your choice  using Text-To-Speech (TTS).

With Fortytwo’s Voice in your communications toolbox, it has never been easier to engage your audience and enhance your customer experience.

Text to speech(TTS)

TTS enables you to provide written text, which is converted into spoken voice in the language of your choice, before it is broadcast to your customers.

Pre-recorded audio file

Another option is to pre-record the message that you would like to be broadcast and provide us with an audio file (mp3, WAV). The audio file will then be played directly to your customers as a voice message.


Voice Engage

Give a Voice to your Customers

When sending a voice message, you have the option to request feedback from your customers by providing a list of key press options and allowing your customer to reply to it. 

This can be used for understanding better your customers’ perception of the brand and services through for instance customer satisfaction surveys.

Voice Engage allows you to reactivate passive customers, increase loyalty in existing ones, relay time sensitive information, and promote your services in a new and interactive way. 


Voice Engage includes

Control panel

Manage your Voice Engage campaigns and key press options from our dedicated browser-based control panel. All you need is an internet connection.


Real-time reporting allows you to monitor your campaigns and customer feedback. Use statistics to improve on future campaigns and get better customer satisfaction.

Account manager

When using this service, you will have a dedicated account manager and a team of 24/7 customer support agents that will look after you at every step of the way.

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