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Keep your database up-to-date.


What is NVS?

Our Number Validation Service (NVS) is a powerful tool for keeping your database up-to-date. Smart decisions and cost savings are increasingly important to businesses and their marketing teams, and our NVS is designed to help you achieve both in terms of keeping your customer number database.

How does it work?

The NVS and NVS+ services automatically perform a series of number validation routines and logical checks to filter off invalid numbers from your phone number database


Validates mobile phone numbers to keep your customer data accurate and always up to date.

Key benefit – you reduce costs of sending to invalid numbers.

NVS Plus

Takes a step further and confirms if a phone is powered on, roaming or ported.

Key benefit – you can postpone sending your campaign to roaming or powered off phones.


NVS in 3 easy steps

Start cleaning your database now

Step 1 - Identify

Identify the list of mobile numbers you want to use in your next mobile communication campaign.

Step 2 - Connect

Connect to NVS and run your list through either NVS or NVS plus depending on your needs.

Step 3 - Send

Message your audience using your optimised database, now clear of all invalid numbers and accurately indicates when users are roaming or have their phones powered off.

Are you a developer?

Connect to our Advanced Messaging Platform using the following options! The possibilities are endless.

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