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Filter invalid phone numbers and increase ROI


What is Optimyze?

OPTIMYZE™ is a phone number verification and filtering solution integrated within our SMS Gateway. When sending SMS campaigns, this solution will filter out invalid phone numbers and effectively reduce the cost of your send-outs while increasing the bottomline ROI for your marketing efforts

Why Optimyze?

Number filtering and optimization is particularly important for teams and businesses who own large phone number databases that are constantly being updated. By regularly maintaining the database clean and up-to-date, you make sure that you are not frequently sending out messages to a set of invalid numbers while incurring unnecessary costs for their delivery. 

How Optimyze works?

Fortytwo provides the information of the invalid numbers directly by API, so your in-house system or database can be updated automatically without any manual work involved.


Benefits of Optimyze

Enhanced delivery rates

For those numbers that have a valid format and a valid prefix, Fortytwo checks proactively with operators if the number is actually still active. Those that are inactive will be added to the filtering list in order to be filtered out for your future campaigns. 


On average, clients using the Optimyze service, increased their delivery rates up to 90% making SMS Marketing Campaigns much more cost-effective.

Optimyze is built with four different filters:

We take your ROI seriously. Our Optimyze™ solution uses four main filters to improve your campaigns

Repeat Rule

SMS messages sent repeatedly to the same phone number within less than a minute are automatically flagged by Optimyze and the extra duplicate numbers are filtered out.

Prefix Check

When sending an SMS towards a number that has an invalid prefix based on the registered prefix of the target country, Optimyze will block the SMS.

Format Filter

When sending an SMS to a number that has an invalid format based on the accepted format of the corresponding country, Optimyze will remove the number.

Optimyze Filter

Inactive numbers based on optimised filtering logic implemented in the filter, are automatically removed from the database after repeated failed delivery.

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