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Everything starts with a message


We are Fortytwo

Fortytwo is a messaging solution and tech company offering messaging and customer engagement solutions to enterprises across different industries, enabling them to grow in an increasingly connected world. 


Founded in Sweden and operations headquartered in Malta, Fortytwo is backed by a team of messaging professionals together with an expert technical team and support agents around the clock. 

Innovative Solutions

We strive to be at the forefront of messaging technology and to be excellent at what we do. Our openness to tech innovation, combined with a keen interest in keeping ourselves abreast with the latest business and consumer trends, help us constantly develop the next big thing in the messaging world.

A Messaging Partner

We have been the ideal messaging partner for hundreds of brands and enterprises during the last two decades, with a dedicated team of customer support specialists and a development team, focused on improving our products and developing new solutions.


Your future starts here

See our open positions and join the Fortytwo family

Our Values


Global Reach

Along the years we have also built a partner network of service providers, carriers and operators around the world in order to be able to offer our clients the best quality SMS and messaging traffic routes with high deliverability and competitive prices.

20+ Years of Experience

Since our inception in 2001, our main focus has been to provide messaging solutions that help companies engage with their audience and customer base through mobile-based brand communications, marketing campaigns or transactional messages.

Benefits of Partnering with Fortytwo

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