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The Opt-in Solution for building your Mobile Number Database


What is Subscribe?

Our Subscribe solution allows you to create a mobile phone number database to reach your customers in the most direct and efficient manner. 

How Subscribe works?

You can reach out to your subscribers using your current way of engagement and invite them to a registration page where they can input their mobile number and get it verified through a 2-Factor Authentication process.


This effectively allows for a GDPR compliant way to easily and securely convert subscribers from any channel to a mobile number list where you can then start messaging through your SMS campaigns.


Benefits of Subscribe

Comply with GDPR

This solution is perfect for those customers who do not have phone numbers in their database. It works by providing the players the option to update their phone number, adding a 2FA process to ensure the validity of the numbers.

Retain and Re-Activate your current customers and gain another customer engagement avenue using mobile numbers that are valid and updated

Subscribe: A four step process

Start using our Subscribe solution in four easy steps. Updating your database made easy

Step1: Initial contact

Send initial contact by email or by a QR Code displayed on your website or printed on different media.

Step 3: Details

The customer will be asked to insert their phone number into the form found on the landing page.

Step 2: Landing Page

The customer will be taken to a landing page to continue the subscribe process.

Step 4: Success

Your new database is automatically generated with all the phone numbers of the subscribed customers.


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