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SMS & Instant Messaging at your fingertips


Faster, Cheaper, more Efficient campaigns

Fortytwo’s AMP is a unified messaging platform that conveniently gives you access to SMS and Instant Messaging (IM) through one API interface. Our API allows you to set preferences for broadcasting your messages based on your communication preferences and knowledge of your audience.

Cost effective

The platform intelligently determines the most cost-effective delivery method of your messages and optimises delivery with the option to specify your delivery preferences. After your campaign is sent the platform gives you access to reports on results.

Various Routing Options

Our AMP can intelligently route your SMS/IM messages, based on factors such as content, cost & delivery rates. This service allows you to increase your ROI and save money when sending single transactional messages, marketing campaigns or time sensitive content, making use of our competitive rates and service level.


AMPlify your Campaigns with these benefits

Are you a developer?

Connect to our Advanced Messaging Platform using the following options! The possibilities are endless.

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