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Instantly reach your customers through simple API integration or intuitive user interface


Flexible Connectivity

The Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP) is one of Fortytwo’s messaging solutions that provides enterprises and service providers a simple API connection through which they can easily send out SMS campaigns and traffic anytime. 

Through LOOM you can also find an intuitive interface for designing and sending out SMS messages to your customers without an API interface. 

Fortytwo’s MNO enabled infrastructure also provides SS7 and SMPP connectivity to our partners in the operational and service supply chain such as network operators and other service providers needing best routing for high volume SMS traffic.


Benefits of using SMS

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Ubiquity of service

Every handset device is SMS enabled. Legacy tech with highest penetration level

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Mobile-centric customer engagement

Drive better customer engagement especially for time-sensitive communications

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Instant reach

Notifications on mobile creates instant reach in your messaging campaigns

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Transactional &
promotional messaging

High deliverability for both account verification messages and campaign sendouts

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High Open Rates & CTR

Get better Open Rates and CTR with better campaign metrics than email and other channels.

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Augment your
brand touch points

Increase your brand equity and marketing effectiveness through an added mobile-based channel


Explore the
Endless Possibilities

Marketing Agencies

Add a high value marketing service to clients


Boost your sales figures with promotional messages

Event Organizers

Timely information and updates on the fly

Password verification

Send OTP and 2FA messages to your members

Boost your messaging campaigns

Increase your marketing efforts and bottom line ROI

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