Voice Messaging

Enhance how you communicate using Fortytwo's Voice

Voice Messaging Intro

Your message, Your Voice

Enhance how you communicate using Fortytwo Voice. With our Voice messaging solution, you can broadcast your message through a voice call directly to your customer’s mobile or landline phone worldwide.

There are two simple options to for you to choose from, either sending a pre-recorded audio file to your customer or sending a message using the Text-To-Speech (TTS) option which converts your written text into spoken voice in your language of choice.

Using Fortytwo Voice, it has never been easier to engage your audience. Enhance your customer experience with our Voice API.

Why use Fortytwo Voice?

  • Voice messaging is a great way to add a human touch to your communications, making it more personal and engaging and it provides a fast and convenient way to give customers information.
  • Using Voice, you can increase the effectiveness of your outbound communications using our key pad menu option, allowing customers to request a callback, answer a question or opt out of future voice messages using simple key commands on their phone.
  • For the visually impaired, voice messaging is an effective messaging solution that overcomes the many challenges faced when navigating a phone or reading an SMS. With Voice, a visually impaired user can respond to your voice message by using familiar key commands on their phone.
  • With Fortytwo Voice you can contact your customer anywhere in the world via mobile or landline,

Simplicity and convenience

  • Send voice messages

    Communicate with your customers using pre-recorded audio files.

  • Talk to your customers

    We also offer Text-to-Speach in 15 languages and in different genders.

  • Listen and learn

    Customers can interact with you using simple key commands on their phone.

  • Access real time data

    Monitor historical data and statistics in real time through our online control panel.

How does Voice work?


Step 1 – Send Request

Send a REST API request with a pre-recorded audio file or a text for TTS


voice connect

Step 2 – Call Broadcasted

Fortytwo broadcasts your voice message to your audience


voice broadcast

Step 3 – Caller Response

Fortytwo captures any keypress response from your audience (if this option has been selected).


voice receive

Step 4 – Callback

You will receive a delivery report, including keypress response per client, statuses and technical information


voice receive

Voice and Voice Plus

At Fortytwo we offer two service options to cater for your business needs – Voice and Voice Plus.



  • Suitable for bulk, promotional and non-time sensitive messages.
  • Supports up to 500 destination numbers per API request.

Voice Plus

  • Suitable for service messages, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and other time-sensitive messages.
  • Express delivery of messages
  • Supports 1 destination number per API request.


Voice Pricing


  • Charges will only apply for each voice message delivered and are charged per minute.
  • The pricing is based on country, prefix and route (Voice or Voice Plus).
  • There is no cost for calls that are not answered by the call recipient.

voice pricing

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