Advanced Messaging Platform

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AMPlify your message by connecting to our Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP)

Our Advanced Messaging Platform cleverly routes traffic via SMS or IM based on your preferences for message delivery and your unique knowledge about your audience. Alternatively, the AMP can intelligently determine the delivery of your messages, based on factors such as content, cost and delivery rates.




How does it work?

Fortytwo’s AMP is a unified messaging solution platform which conveniently gives you access to SMS, Instant Messaging (IM) and Voice messaging all through one API. Our API

  • allows you to set preferences for broadcasting your messages based on your communication preferences and knowledge of your audience
  • intelligently determines the most cost-effective delivery of your messages if specific preferences are not defined
  • optimises delivery and gives you access to reports on results

With Fortytwo’s AMP, you can deliver your messages efficiently, reliably and at competitive rates directly to your customers’ mobile phones.


SMS Gateway

Fortytwo has over a decade of experience in delivering A2P SMS worldwide. Advantages of using the SMS Gateway:

  • Global – worldwide network coverage.
  • Ubiquitous – SMS can be delivered to every mobile device.
  • Unparalleled open rate – 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes of delivery.
  • Flexible – an internet connection is not required for an SMS to terminate on a mobile phone.
  • Industry leading – our proprietary systems are maintained by our in-house engineers.



IM Gateway

Fortytwo has partnered with Instant Messaging (IM) / Chat providers to deliver instant messages to your customers. Advantages of using the IM Gateway:

  • Innovative – a new and inventive way to reach your audience
  • Convenient – fast, easy to use and flexible
  • Expansive communication – can include a greater number of characters than SMS
  • Interactive – allows for easy 2-way communication with your customers
  • Feature-rich – supports content such as text, images and call-to-action buttons.


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AMP Use Cases


July 27, 2016

Nowadays people prefer communicating with Instant Messaging (IM), rather than via the humble email or even making a phone call. 


April 19, 2015

The birth of companies such as Amazon and eBay, paved the way for consumers to securely pay for goods or services over the internet.


Positive feedback and recommendations are central to the success of all hospitality outlets.