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April 7, 2016

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Voice messaging is a powerful solution and in the wake of the recent launch of Fortytwo Voice, we’d like to explore some of the many benefits that voice messaging has to offer your business and your customers.

While voice messaging is an effective tool to reach all clients across a broad customer base, it is also uniquely positioned to cater for consumers who experience difficulties in either accessing or understanding text based communication such as SMS or email.

Here we outline some of the unique ways that Fortytwo Voice can address these difficulties and also benefit your business by bolstering customer engagement and enhancing the customer experience across a broad client base.

Benefits for customers with:

  • Reading disabilities
    Research has shown that approximately 10% of consumers have difficulty reading text as a result of a learning disability such as dyslexia. This is a significant figure as it can account for 1 customer out of every 10 in your client base. Fortytwo’s Voice messaging solution offers these consumers an easy way of accessing information, which successfully navigates the complexities involved in reading text via SMS or email. This greatly improves customer service and is a powerful way of engaging with your client base.
  • Literacy difficulties
    Equally, some consumers have basic literacy levels. According to UNESCO, the global literacy rate has fallen in recent years and is currently around 86%. On the other hand, there are consumers who can speak and understand a language other than their native tongue (for example those living in a foreign country) but may have a limited understanding of the language in written text. Fortytwo Voice allows these consumers to overcome literacy difficulties by receiving information in a format that is easier for them to understand than a text message, and is suitable for all consumers at any level of literacy.
  • Visual impairment
    Fortytwo Voice can be a very useful tool for the visually impaired and for those with poor eyesight. In particular seniors – who frequently contend with reading difficulties due to eyesight deterioration – find reading text on a mobile phone increasingly challenging as their sight deteriorates. Voice messaging overcomes these difficulties by allowing your customer to listen to your messages and enables your business to contact consumers with poor eyesight or visual impairment without causing them unnecessary eye-strain. Providing support to your customer and addressing their unique and specific needs is central to a successful effective communications strategy and key to developing brand loyalty.

Benefits for your business

  • Greater comprehension
    Fortytwo Voice presents your messages in a way that increases comprehension for a broader spectrum of clients.
  • Improved accessibility
    Using voice messaging increases the accessibility of your messaging for customers with visual impairments or reading difficulties.
  • Greater reach
    Fortytwo Voice enables you to reach a larger percentage of the population, for example, those with literacy difficulties who may not be able to understand a text message.
  • Wider demographic
    Voice messaging provides seniors with a more comfortable way of receiving messages that overcomes the reading difficulties associated with deteriorating eyesight.
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Fortytwo Voice helps you to engage your clients in a unique way with messages that have a human touch. This sort of personalised messaging, not only improves the customer experience, but also enhances customer engagement.

With Fortytwo Voice, it has never been easier to engage your audience. For more information about our powerful messaging solutions, and what we can do for you, please contact our dedicated team at:

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