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With solutions that focus on reliability and seamless integration, we partner with brands and enterprises in order to provide quality messaging solutions. Over the years, our specialised team has developed a suite of messaging solutions that facilitate your communication requirements.



We strive to be at the forefront of messaging technology and to be the best at what we do. Our innovative approach, combined with our keen interest in listening to your communication requirements, help us develop the next big thing in the messaging sphere.


Over a decade of experience

Since our inception in 2001, our main focus has been to provide messaging solutions that bridge the gap between our clients and their audiences.

We take pride in developing quality, innovative solutions and delivering excellent 24/7 customer support.  We’re GSMA certified, accredited by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority and part of the Trillian Group.



Global reach

Reaching your target audience is crucial. Partnering with Fortytwo ensures that your messages will be delivered to any destination you may require at competitive rate

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