Number Validation Services

Improve your SMS campaigns with NVS


Our Number Validation Service is a powerful tool for keeping your database up to date

Sound decisions and cost savings are central to all business ventures and our Number Validation Service (NVS) can help you achieve both, by ensuring the best possible performance of your messaging campaigns.

How does it work?

Before embarking on your next messaging campaign, we recommend that you fully optimise your mobile number database by running it through our NVS or NVS plus.


  • Validates mobile phone numbers to keep your customer data accurate and up to date.
  • Key benefit – you only pay for SMS sent to valid numbers.

NVS plus

  • Takes a step further and confirms if a phone is powered on, roaming and ported.
  • Key benefit – you can postpone sending your campaign to roaming or powered off phones.


Number Validation Service

Step 1 – Identify

Identify the list of mobile numbers you want to use in your next mobile communication campaign.


Number Validation Service

Step 2 – Connect

Connect to NVS and run your list through either NVS or NVS plus.



Number Validation Service

Step 3 – Send

Message your audience using your optimised database. Your database is now clear of all invalid numbers and accurately indicates when users are roaming or have their phones powered off.


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NVS Use Cases

Data protection compliance

April 19, 2015

Due to the meteoric rise in email marketing and promotional SMS Marketing, many organisations collect data from their customers in order to establish and maintain a database.

Database cleaning

Organisations increasingly value the importance of an optimised database to interact with their customers through e-mail or SMS marketing.

VOIP Providers / SMS Aggregators

Switching from one mobile service provider to another has become a stress-free process for mobile users around the world, allowing them to retain their mobile number as they move to different service providers.