The finest and safest solutions for your communication

By connecting your system to Fortytwo, we will route and deliver your messages to your audience anywhere in the world through our advanced messaging solutions, allowing your systems to seamlessly communicate with your customers.

We facilitate automated communication across most major industries including finance, retail, hospitality, gaming, e-commerce, marketing, health, logistics and many more.




Advanced Messaging Platform

Send and deliver your messages globally through AMP.

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Voice Messaging

Enhance how you communicate by using Fortytwo Voice. Our solution enables you to broadcast your message through a voice call directly to your customer’s mobile or landline phone worldwide.

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Number validation services

Number Validation Services

Clean up your customer databases with NVS.

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Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Limit the risk of fraudulent access to personal login credentials by requesting a one-time password (OTP), which is sent directly to the users mobile phone.

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