SMS campaigns and your industry

August 11, 2015

SMS campaign examples

SMS campaigns – when planned properly – are extremely beneficial. You have the opportunity to pop up in a person’s text message inbox at any point whether or not they’re online. You’re also in with the chance of engaging with 98% of the people you message.

So, with a touch of creativity and innovation you can easily be on your way to having the perfect SMS marketing campaign for your industry. To help you out, here’s a list of what some others have done.

Events & Hospitality

Sometimes you put your heart and soul into planning an event, and then you just sit there and hope people will come to fill the place up.

SMS marketing can help with this – use it to send people a special entrance rate or special discounts on the bar. It’s a handy reminder for them that there’s an event going on and it will also motivate them to attend because they’re getting something back.

Silvertone (a British motor racing circuit) used this tactic in order to sell tickets for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Straight after the Monaco Grand Prix ended they sent out a mass message to their subscribers urging them to buy their tickets for the British Grand Prix. The fact that they did this as soon as one Grand Prix had just ended meant that customers will still in a positive spirit and were looking forward to the next racing event. This ensured that Silverstone was top of mind when it came to purchasing tickets.

On a different note, travel agencies, or hotels can use SMS marketing in order to keep their customers up to date on their travel itinerary along with other details. Airlines these days allow you to opt in for an SMS notification with your flight details – this means that if you’re travelling on the go and can’t stop to print your boarding pass you’ll be able to use your mobile phone.

Other uses of SMS marketing in these industries would be to remind guests staying at hotels about their check in details, including check out times.

This is highly effective due to the fact that these companies are simplifying a person’s life. Simplification is one of the most effective ways of improving a company’s relationship with its customers. This is due to the fact that the company is seen as being useful and going the extra mile. It might be a simple SMS, but for a weary traveller this is what could make all the difference.


There’s something about the food industry which makes it very easy for brands to engage with customers. Perhaps it’s the simple reason that food is a necessity and that people often share special moments over food.

However, being such a busy industry, it can often be hard to compete with bigger brands. This is where you should be a bit more creative with your marketing strategy.

Papa John’s in the UK did this brilliantly. They ran a text message marketing campaign where they sent a message with discounted rates for those who had opted in to receive messages from the company. This increased sales due to people redeeming their coupons, and also increased SMS message subscribers since customers wanted to be involved in the messaging list in case there were any future promotions.

Taco Bell carried out an SMS marketing campaign in order to convince people to opt into their messaging database. They used traditional media such as radio, and television in order to encourage people to join by texting TBICE to a sign up number. Upon doing this they received a free Frutista Freeze.

This marketing campaign clearly shows that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. The campaign was a huge success and the majority of those who subscribed continued to subscribe to Taco Bell in order to benefit in the future and keep up to date with the latest offers.


Mobile marketing can be highly beneficial to NGOs due to the fact that it’s so cost effective. Whilst traditional methods of advertising might be out of an NGO’s budget, newer media offers the optimal solution.

One of the best ways an NGO can benefit from SMS marketing campaigns is through the use of donation collection. Using text messaging in order to raise funds for a particular cause has been highly effective in the past and shall continue to be highly effective.

After the earthquake in Haiti The Red Cross launched it’s donate by SMS campaign. This allowed people to donate 10$ to the aid and relief programme helping the people in Haiti. The 10$ were then deducted from the person’s bill. This was successful enough to collect 43 million USD simply through text messages, proving that a lot of change can happen when people come together.

From sporting events to charity, SMS marketing may be applied to almost all sorts of situations. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, imagination, and the will to improve your marketing strategy.

If you’d like to find out how SMS marketing can work for you get in touch.

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