Outbound call centres / telesales

April 19, 2015


Customer satisfaction is a top priority in today’s business climate and many organisations choose to operate a call-centre or outsource call-centre services, to offer their customers 24/7 availability for queries or complaints.

In addition, call-centres are often responsible for promoting new products or services to existing or potential clients.

Fortytwo’s Number Validation Services (NVS) can be used in outbound call centres to detect if:

  • a mobile phone is powered on 
    This saves the call-centre agent time by only contacting user’s with activated devices
  • a phone number is valid
    This saves the call-centre agent time by only attempting to contact valid numbers
  • a mobile phone is roaming 
    This allows the call-centre agent to postpone the call until the client is available and also save on roaming costs for the customer.

To learn more about how you can benefit from NVS, contact us at sales@fortytwo.com.


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