Meet Fortytwo at Apps World in London, England

November 12, 2015

APPs World

Apps World is a leading event for developers, brands and industry professionals worldwide and one of the only events powering innovation in multi platform apps from across the entire app ecosystem. Attendees range from industry decision makers to start ups, operators and device manufacturers, with a hand picked inspiring speaker line up. Apps world is a portal for many to get up to speed with all the latest industry news, trends and build co-operative relationships between brands.

Fortytwo will be exhibiting at Apps World in London from the 18th till the 19thof November 2015 with our own developers and sales team, continuing to establish itself as a key player within growing markets thanks to its diverse range of messaging solutions. Fortytwo’s continuous innovation makes it a trend setting brand in telecommunications.

Fortytwo’s extensive messaging solutions are beneficial to a variety of industries with the ability to be customised to your unique needs based on your audience.

Advanced Messaging Platform (AMP)

In June 2015 Fortytwo announced the launch of an Instant Message (IM) Gateway in collaboration with Viber, as an addition to our A2P messaging solutions on AMP. Our IM Gateway gives you the ability to communicate with your clients globally, with the use of up to 1000 characters, delivered/seen reports and an overall more cost effective solution over SMS. Fortytwo’s AMP intelligently routes traffic via SMS or IM based on your message delivery preferences. Our SMS and IM Gateway are available in multiple API protocols and our SMS Gateway has the ability to set up 2-way messaging through a virtual number.

Number Validation Service (NVS)

Optimise your mobile number database by running it through our Number Validation Service and remove incorrect and invalid mobile phone numbers.You are only billed for valid look-ups.

Number Validation Service (NVS) Plus

Fortytwo’s NVS Plus goes a step beyond NVS by confirming whether a phone is turned on or off and if it is roaming MCC and MNC. This allows you to postpone sending your campaign to roaming or powered off phones.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Fortytwo’s Two-Factor Authentication API adds a second layer of protection to login credentials, limiting the risk of fraudulent access to your website or other secured online services. Our API allows you to verify the identity of your users by sending them a one-time password (OTP) to their mobile phone and asking the user to confirm back the code received thus ensuring that the user is the true holder of an account.

Voice Messaging/Fortytwo Voice

There are two options to set up your voice massage-via written text or an audio file to mobile or landline phone numbers through voice messaging.

Text-To-Speech Voice Message

Convert text into spoken voice and broadcast it to a landline or mobile phone.

Audio File Voice Message

Broadcast a pre-recorded audio file via Voice Messaging.

Contact us on to schedule your appointment with Fortytwo, we’re at stand 215.

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