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May 30, 2016


From the importance of Two-Factor Authentication as a defense against identity theft, to the latest report from Forrester Research, findout what’s been happening in the industry.

Most marketers miss mark with mobile messaging
Consumers are inundated with notifications from all types of mobile messaging services, and though many will engage with businesses that use relevant alerts, most organisations don’t capitalize on the opportunity.
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Is messaging the future of travel?
Younger travelers – millennials aged 18-34, but also 35-44 year olds – are driving the use of mobile messaging.
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Two-Factor authentication (2FA) protects you – 2FA among best defenses against identity theft
National and international media report that online attempts to steal people’s accounts or identity have seen a meteoric rise in 2016.
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Why 2FA and biometrics are now security necessities
The recent rise in cybercrime has shown that passwords alone cannot secure your accounts.
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SMS may help smokers kick the butt
Smokers who receive a text messaging intervention are more likely to abstain from smoking, a new study has found.
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Find out about power outages via SMS
Faced with a power cut and want to know how long will it take for the power supply to get restored in your area?
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Parties and counsels to get SMS notifications
A new SMS alert system has been launched in India to send notifications about rescheduled court cases.
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