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April 4, 2016


Interesting articles from the week that was . . .

Don’t call, text… maybe?
With enterprise SMS taking off like gangbusters, watch for deeper integration and more vendor options.
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Placing landline calls via Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp soon to become a reality
In the contemporaneous tech-paced world, everybody is completely relying on the extensive potential of instant messaging apps because of the enticing range of features and the ease of use these apps showcase.
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Revolutionising mobile payments in India
Relaxing two factor authentication for both card present and card-not present transactions below a certain specified amount is a major policy development.
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Beware of SMS phishing
Find out about SMS phishing, or SMiShing.
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Poll Campaigning goes Hi-tech with ‘Smart’ networking
Telecom companies and startup firms in the state have launched innovative SMS-based ready-reckoner in a bid to woo voters through brand building for candidates.
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The evolution of creative mobile advertising
Mobile Advertising, as we know it, is changing. Ad blockers continue to threaten the viewability and therefore, the effectiveness, of the first mover mobile ad units like traditional banner ads and interstitials.
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How marketers can leverage the emoji trend
Emojis are everywhere: in texts, news stories, ads, on social media, and even on Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year list.
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What brands can learn from AccuWeather’s hyper-localized mobile messaging
As brands continue tapping into the full potential of location-based targeting, AccuWeather advises marketers to incorporate five key best practices into their messaging strategies, including using short-form videos, building digital communities and providing geo-located contextual information.
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SMS pioneer Joe Cunningham: ‘Mobile operators need to shake their inertia’
Having masterminded the world’s first commercial deployment of SMS and spearheaded notable Irish tech success stories from Aldiscon to Apion, Aepona, Accuris and Ammeon, Joe Cunningham is as passionate as ever about the future of mobile, and especially about autonomous vehicles.
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Tigo Tanzania launches SMS service for schools
Tigo Tanzania, in partnership with Shule Direct, a local online enterprise, has launched the Short Message Service (SMS) Makini educational platform.
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