April 13, 2016

Online Data Security Concept

SMS technology is widespread and with 6.1 billion mobile phone users worldwide, the majority of the world’s population own a mobile device and can receive an SMS. As a result, high profile gaming companies are capitalising on the ubiquity of SMS and using text messages as their Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) tool of choice.

Online gaming is a very lucrative market with security becoming increasingly important as even high-profile gaming companies experience breaches. Despite sophisticated security efforts and strong passwords, most online fraud results from complex invasions, with online attacks exploiting the difficulties involved in ensuring the authenticity of the user and their transactions relating to their account.

Gaming companies need to ensure that users are who they claim to be and also that their accounts are secure, despite potential attacks including phishing, brute force and credential exploitation. In an industry that deals with sensitive data, it is strongly advisable to add additional layers of security and this is where Fortytwo and our 2FA solution can play a very important part.

Deceptively simple, 2FA is a security process which ensures that users are who they claim to be, by requiring them to identify themselves with a combination of two of the following identifiers:

  • Something they know – password or PIN
  • Something they have – mobile phone, token or smart code
  • Something they are – biometrics, such as a fingerprint

In the case of Fortytwo’s 2FA solution – following the initial login (with something they know) – the user receives a verification code which is sent via SMS directly to their mobile phone (something they own) allowing users to verify their account. The benefits for a company are two-fold, firstly, it validates the user’s identity (essential to online gaming) and secondly, it adds an additional layer of security to the user’s account.

As mentioned, security in the gaming industry is critical and by simply adding an extra step to the login process, a user’s account becomes significantly more difficult to hack. Additionally, Fortytwo’s 2FA solution is simple and convenient for the user. Our solution doesn’t require the use of additional security keys or smartcards which can be lost, instead it only requires that the user owns a mobile phone which is then linked to their gaming account

In terms of a security, Fortytwo’s 2FA is a highly successful solution for gamers and companies alike. It provides the convenience and efficiency that the online gaming community look for and – perhaps more importantly for gaming companies – the level of security that is essential for their client’s accounts.

Secure, efficient and convenient, Fortytwo’s 2FA protects online gaming communities and companies from online attack.


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