Frequently asked questions



  • How much does it cost?

    Fortytwo has a number of services and solutions with various pricing structures. Mobile messaging is our core product and has a clearly indicated price list available here. Please contact our business development team for any other pricing requests you have.

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  • How do I pay?

    Our main methods of accepting payment are on-line payment gateway with Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please contact our customer service department and we can help you through the process of making a real-time payment to Fortytwo.

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  • Do I pay before or after my messages are sent?

    Fortytwo predominantly works om a pre-paid basis, as is the standard for the messaging industry. Funds are only utilised in real-time during service utilisation. Successful submission, successful delivery and successful reply are some charging methods used by Fortytwo for a variety of services.

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  • How am I charged?

    Messaging services are charged as they are used with no monthly/annual recurring fee. IM is charged per successful delivery, SMS per successful submission, while NVS is charged for each successful reply. Our customer control panel (CCP) clearly list the prices for each service you use. Fortytwo does not charge for simply holding an account with us and only charges for the use of our services. Some services may be offered on a recurring weekly, monthly, or annual fixed charge, please ask our business development team for more information.

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  • What currency am I billed in?

    Fortytwo always bills in Euros. Whenever we raise an invoice or a request for funds, the indicated amount will always be in Euros.

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  • What currency can I pay in?

    Fortytwo always requests funds in Euros, and credits are added to accounts based on the Euro figure used when topping up. Since we accept credit card payments through our chosen credit card payment gateway, it is also possible to pay in your currency of choice with the credit card company converting the currency into the equivalent Euro amount.

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