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  • What are the advantages of SMS messaging?

    SMS messaging does not require an internet connection and is available on all mobile devices that comply with GSM standards irrespective of the brand, operating system and installed applications. With an open rate of 98%, SMS messaging is a fast and efficient messaging solution for your business.

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  • What are the advantages of instant messaging (IM)?

    Instant messaging is a cost effective and a feature rich  messaging solution which supports long message lengths, audio-visual files and Two-factor Authentication (2FA).

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  • Which mobile networks can I send SMS messages to?

    Fortytwo covers over 1000+ mobile networks all over the globe and there are very few GSM networks that are not covered. Please refer to our pricing page where costs related to specific countries and networks are outlined.

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  • How do you send SMS messages?

    Fortytwo has a full range of bespoke solutions and hardware connected to the backbone of the telecommunication network. These solutions ensure Fortytwo can deliver messages directly to handsets while maintaining quality control. Fortytwo has also teamed up with a number of trusted telecom companies to provide coverage across an even wider range of networks.

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  • Where can I send my messages?

    Mobile messages can be sent to any device with a unique telephone number on the GSM network. Instant messaging has the added advantage of moving beyond GSM networks to deliver to an even wider spectrum of users. Please refer to our pricing page for the list of networks that we can deliver to.

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  • Do you have any client databases that I can make use of?

    Fortytwo does not hold your personal data or data for any network. We do offer a suite of solutions that can help you build and maintain your own client database. Please contact our Business Development team to discuss further.

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  • How do I know if my contact can receive an Instant Chat Message?

    Fortytwo’s system checks to see if an instant message can be delivered and is auto configured to use other channels if the message is not received. Determining if a message can be delivered via instant messaging is free of charge.

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  • How quickly can I be sending messages?

    Fortytwo allows you to register an account and add credits in real-time on-line. As soon as this process is completed, clients can start sending messages.

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  • What happens if a phone is switched off?

    Multiple attempts to deliver a message occur during the validity period of that message.

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  • What phones can I deliver messages to?

    SMS messages can be delivered to any phone that complies with the GSM standards for a mobile device. Typically, IM can be delivered to any device with the relevant application installed.

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  • Are my messages secure?

    Fortytwo use industry level standards of security and data protection. If you are interested in high security messaging solutions, please contact our Business Development team to further discuss your requirements.

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  • Can someone reply to my messages?

    Yes. Fortytwo has a 2-way messaging solution that receives messages and sends them back to your system or interface. It is also possible to use a known device number as a sender ID and all replies will automatically be directed to this device. Please contact us for further information on how to setup two-way messaging.

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