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Fortytwo FAQs


  • Why should I use Fortytwo?

    Fortytwo provides specialised telecommunication solutions to enable industry and systems to message to and from mobile devices. Fortytwo also provides ancillary systems and solutions for mobile communications. As global providers of messaging solutions since 2001, Fortytwo is proud to have a team of highly specialised experts on board. Quality, reliability and cost effectiveness are some of the key reasons why you should consider partnering with Fortytwo. ↥Back to top.


  • How reliable are Fortytwo’s delivery of Messages?

    Fortytwo has high availability carrier grade equipment backed up by over fifteen years of experience within the mobile messaging space. If it is possible to deliver a message to a handheld device than Fortytwo will get the message delivered. Nevertheless, factors can arise beyond the control of any operator which may impede successful message delivery. We endeavour to ensure that your messages are delivered at all times but cannot always guarantee a successful delivery in these circumstances. Full reports are given for each message including an up-to-date status record as well as reporting on non-delivered messages. ↥Back to top.


  • How do I apply to work for Fortytwo?

    Fortytwo consists of a great team of hardworking and committed individuals. If you think you can add value to our company, please drop us a line explaining why you would like to work with us: careers@fortytwo.com. ↥Back to top.

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