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Whether you want to send 10 or 10,000 messages makes no difference to us as our messaging solutions are scalable from a single message to widespread, global communication. Enterprises depend on our innovative and reliable messaging solutions to share information via SMS and IM with their customers. Throw great engagement rates and value for money into the mix and there’s no looking back.


For Enterprises

We live in a highly connected world where communication has become instantaneous. Today, many successful businesses turn to messaging to build profitable, long-term relationships with customers.

At Fortytwo, we understand how to achieve this. We work hard to deliver messaging solutions that add value to your business by creating reliable, uncompromising connections between you and your customers.

Our Advanced Messaging Platform has the ability to send millions of messages irrespective of where your customers are based, what mobile network operator they are subscribed to or the quantity of messages you need to send. The platform will take care of that by steering your messages via the most cost-effective, dependable route.

Apart from benefiting from the ubiquity and reliability of SMS for your communication requirements, our AMP can also send messages over IM for added engagement, personalisation and increased cost-effectiveness.

Ultimately, our aim is to deliver IM and SMS solutions that exceed your expectations in terms of deliverability, quality and consistency and that secure your customers’ attention.

Everything starts with a message. Talk to Fortytwo today to get started.

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Advanced Messaging Platform

Send and deliver your messages globally through AMP.



Number Validation Services

Clean up your customer databases with NVS.

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