April 19, 2015


The use of mobile phones and smart phones by students and teachers has opened a new door for institutions to communicate with staff and students.

Fortytwo’s Amplified Messaging Platform (AMP) delivers messages via SMS or Instant messaging (IM) to inform students about exam results, holidays, timetable changes, extracurricular activities and school transport. Teachers can also be kept up-todate about parent/teacher meetings, students’ absenteeism and staff updates.

With SMS opening rates of 98% and with Fortytwo’s commitment to uncompromised SMS delivery rates, educational institutions entrust us with timely and effective SMS communication. As a new and innovative messaging solution, Instant Messaging (IM) also offers feature rich content and a new dynamic and exciting way to interact with the customer.

The communication loop can be made even more engaging with a virtual number, to receive feedback from or interact with the customer.

Everything starts with a message. Talk to Fortytwo about making us your preferred messaging partner.


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