April 19, 2015


The birth of companies such as Amazon and eBay, paved the way for consumers to securely pay for goods or services over the internet.

E-commerce is here to stay and it has become the norm to buy, sell and trade goods and services over the internet. This purchasing experience has been enhanced by SMS communication which guides and informs shoppers through each step of the online purchasing cycle. Purchase confirmations, delivery dates, payment information and parcel tracking information are just some of the ways in which SMS can facilitate communication with consumers

With an SMS opening rate of 98% and with Fortytwo’s commitment to uncompromised SMS delivery rates, e-commerce sites entrust us with timely and effective SMS communication. As a new and innovative messaging solution, Instant Messaging (IM) also offers feature rich content and a new dynamic and exciting way to interact with the customer..

Everything starts with a message. Talk to Fortytwo about making us your preferred messaging partner.


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