April 19, 2015


Technology has completely changed the aviation industry and has had a huge impact on consumer expectations. Flight tickets and travel insurance are more frequently purchased online and the option of checking in online is now commonly available across most mobile devices.

Purchase confirmations, flight itineraries, delays and updates are a few examples of how SMS and Instant Messaging (IM) can facilitate communication between an airline and its customers. As advanced messaging solutions, they are also a valuable communcations tool to upsell other value added services to travellers, such as car rental services and accommodation.

With an SMS opening rate of 98% and with Fortytwo’s commitment to uncompromised SMS delivery rates, airlines entrust us with timely and effective SMS communication. Our Instant Messaging (IM) solution also offers the benefits of feature rich content and provides an innovative platform for interacting with customers.

Interested in learning more about our rmessaging solutions?

Plkease contact our dedicated sales team at sales@fortytwo.com


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