Voice Messaging



To make use of the REST API, you must supply an authorisation token in the HTTP header, with each request. This token is generated from the Client Control Panel (https://controlpanel.fortytwo.com), in the tokens section, under the VOICE tab.

  • Each token generated maps directly to your account, having a specific routing preference (Marketing or Sensitive) amongst other information. Each token can also have a custom name to make it easier for you to remember what each token does.
  • A token can have a set of whitelisted IPs that will be allowed to send requests using that specific token. When this is left blank, it indicates that any IP address can be used.
  • Your account can have multiple tokens.
  • You can generate a token for every different route or sender ID combination you want to deliver on.
  • Tokens do not expire, and can be edited at any time.
  • Tokens can be invalidated (deleted) from the same user interface.
  • Once a token is invalidated, it cannot be re-used again. Hence, a new one has to be generated.
  • Make sure not to disclose any of your tokens to any unauthorised entity.

The HTTP request header is set as follows:

Key Value
Authorization Token bcdd900c-79f3-4b8d-8bbc-6ef30c3d7e79779
Content-Type application/json; charset=utf-8
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