Voice Messaging


Voice Messaging

The Voice API is a REST application hosted on the Fortytwo servers and can be accessed via simple HTTP requests containing specific data. The API has 3 different endpoints used to initiate a voice call, retrieve job details and call details. When a call is initiated, you can opt to receive several post backs, in order to gather enough insight on each call.

The Voice API allows anyone to call anyone globally and deliver a Text-To-Speech (TTS) or an audio clip via a phone call. The end clients can be reached on PSTN (land lines) and also on mobile phones. The calls can be initiated through an API request, which allows developers to connect to our simple-to-use REST API.


Call Types

Text to Speech:

  • Read customised text sent to each client
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports both male and female voices


  • Play an audio file (mp3 or wav) directly from a source URL
  • Can support audio files up to 5MB



  • Allow end clients to input a keypress (0-9) during or after the call, and is mainly used for statistical purposes.
  • Daily emails with usage reports
  • Track jobs through our Client Control Panel. We also offer the functionality to download CSV files with detailed information per call.

The main endpoints for using VOICE API are:

  • Create Voice Call (Error: Reference source not found – Error: Reference source not found)
  • Retrieve Job Details
  • Retrieve Call Details

All endpoints require authentication, by providing an authentication token in the request headers.


Default Parameters

Our Voice Messaging platform allows the user to set default parameters when creating a token. These parameters are then used in every API reques, unless they are overriden in the API call itself. Such examples might include setting up a default Caller ID or a default Text-To-Speech language.







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