HTTP Callback

HTTP Callback

Delivery reports are returned by the SMS HTTP Interface using HTTP callback requests sent by our callback application to your HTTP server. Each HTTP callback request contains the following parameters:

Parameter Description
smsid The message identifier of the message associated with this callback request. This parameter has the same value as the message identifier received in the HTTP response obtained when sending your message
status The status parameter specifies the delivery status of the SMS message which you sent. The table below contains the status codes used for the status parameter
timestamp UNIX timestamp when the delivery report was received
to The number the message was sent to
from The sender id of the message
customid The customid sent in request, if present


Status Description
10 Delivered to gateway
11 Delivery delayed. Possible reasons include receiving network congestion or phone not in contact with network
21 Delivered to network
22 Delivered to phone
30 No credit coverage
41 Malformed message
42 Internal error. Contact support
44 Message expired without delivery
50 General delivery problem

All HTTP callback requests are sent by our callback application as an HTTP GET request. Your HTTP server found at your preset URL must return an unformatted “OK” in its HTTP response when it receives an HTTP callback request. If an “OK” is not returned by your HTTP server, our callback application will try again according to a retry schedule.

The URL that should be requested is set in the controlpanel or set at the request. Login to and go to ”Account settings” and ”SMS-MT”.

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