After Apps World – thoughts from our CEO

May 15, 2015


Held on the 22nd and 23rd of April in Berlin, Apps World attracted some of the leading players in the App industry. The inaugural annual event, offered a unique opportunity to showcase Fortytwo’s messaging solutions, which deliver SMS and IM to every corner of the globe.

We also unveiled our new brand during Apps World and we are delighted with the feedback we received about the brand’s new visual identity and website.

Here are a few of our CEO, Glen Warren’s thoughts after Apps World:

Does messaging have a role to play in the App Industry?

GW: The global landscape is now mobile and the increase in smartphone ownership has brought about a dramatic shift in the way businesses from all industries interact and transact with their end customers. Apps are created and developed for every conceivable use, across a multitude of platforms. Some fundamental requirements for communication, verification and notification are present in a large spectrum of such Apps, irrespective of their core functionality and final customer base.

App developers are therefore turning to messaging solution providers, such as Fortytwo, for easy-to- integrate messaging platforms that can be built into their apps. So, yes, when considering the current business landscape, messaging does have a significant role to play in the app industry.

Now that Fortytwo’s Advanced Messaging Gateway (AMP) supports an IM Gateway as well as an SMS gateway, what has the feedback been like from App developers?

GW: The rise of Instant Messaging (IM) has definitely impacted the way we communicate with our smartphones and it is safe to say that IM is here to stay. For those involved in app development, IM provides an alternative to SMS as a means to interact with customers. IM is feature rich and offers engaging opportunities for apps to communicate with users – this functionality was appealing to a number of Apps World delegates who visited our stand.

That being said, no current IM service provides the ubiquity of SMS. Therefore, it was the hybrid nature of AMP, which combines IM and SMS mobile messaging solutions, which garnered most interest at Apps World.

How do you think Fortytwo was received by the Apps World audience?

GW: Overall, Fortytwo was well received at Apps World. We offer an easy-to-integrate API solution for app developers to achieve excellent mobile messaging integration, allowing them to concentrate on the core elements of their app’s development and leave the telecommunications to us. Both mobile telephony and SMS messaging are a niche sector of the IT industry and I’m pleased that Fortytwo’s presence at Apps World generated interest in our solutions and their relevance to app development.

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