Five key trends shaping the future of mobile connectivity

May 18, 2016


Deloitte have just released the first edition of their Global Mobile Consumer Trends Report.

Surveying almost 49,500 consumers across six continents, this comprehensive report gives a bird’s eye view of the connected consumer and focuses on consumer behaviors, trends, and opinions across a wide range of mobility products and services.

The survey highlights differences in consumer usage habits between specific countries, as well as exploring the contrasts between developed and emerging markets. The results are surprising, with evidence suggesting that consumers in emerging markets are integrating mobile devices into their daily lives at a faster rate than in developed markets

Deloitte have also pinpointed important trends that are shaping mobile connectivity:

Mobility comes in all shapes and sizes
The number of consumers who own devices continues to increase with emerging markets taking the lead. With 78% of global consumers owning smartphones, almost 10% own wearables, more than 50% have tablets and 7% own all three devices.

Consumers can’t get enough mobile screen time
93% of consumers in emerging markets and 78% of consumers in developed markets, look at their phone within an hour of waking up and check their phones around 40 times per day.

Text and instant message are consumer favorites
In all of the 31 countries surveyed, consumers check text messages and instant messages (IM) first thing in the morning, followed by email in developed markets, and social media in emerging markets.

Payment usage is picking up speed
Mobile in-store payments are gaining traction, with 47% of consumers in emerging market using their phones and 20% of consumers in developed markets.

Network versus Wi-Fi, a regional preference
In the Americas region, Wi-Fi is the preferred method to connect to the internet, while Europe and Asia-Pacific prefer mobile.

Interested in finding out more? You can download the full report here.

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