July 27, 2016


Nowadays people prefer communicating with Instant Messaging (IM), rather than via the humble email or even making a phone call. As the world’s fastest growing form of communication, IM is not only convenient and flexible, but also provides access to an ever expanding audience. Across the spectrum, innovative companies are capitialising on the elements of IM that their clients value most – direct, simple and instant communication.

Nevertheless, the recruitment industry has been something of an exception to-date and has relied on email to contact candidates. With career sites and job boards, candidates register for accounts to apply for jobs or to receive job alerts via email, a process which typically involves further emails for confirmation of receipt from the recruitment agency and passwords to access their account at any given time. This is not only time-consuming but potentially confusing for the candidate.

This where IM steps in.

With the introduction of advanced features to our IM API, including images and call-to-action (CTA) buttons – here are seven reasons why IM is the future of candidate engagement and recruitment:

  • Large audience
    In a recent study, Business Insider found that the world’s four largest instant messenger services have over 2.9 billion users in 2016, over 5 billion more than the world’s four largest social networking sites combined (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and the number is growing.
  • Rapid communication
    IM is one of the fastest forms of communication – the word “instant” explains it all. It can be an extremely effective tool for communication with candidates and since IM can be available on every mobile device, push notification is also included. Your candidates will receive your message immediately once you hit send.
  • Quick response times
    IM facilitates ease of use and candidates are more likely to respond quickly to a message using their mobile phone than opening an email and composing a reply.
  • Feature-rich
    IM is feature-rich and supports a wide spectrum of visual content including images and CTA buttons with up to 1000 text characters in any language. The recruitment opportunities for these are endless allowing you to engage with candidates in whatever way you want.
  • Threaded conversations
    The ability to track end-to-end conversations about opportunities is a major plus for recruiters and candidates. This is a fantastic feature for the candidate as it conveniently stores all of the communication in one place, as opposed to several emails, which can be confusing and may require passwords to access at any given time.
  • Familiarity and convenience
    IM platforms are familiar tools which are used on a daily basis in regular communications with friends and family. Since the apps are broadly used, potential candidates are already familiar with the technology and require little or no training, allowing for immediate uptake of use.
  • Personalised alerts
    By simply allocating tags to each candidate in your client base, it’s easy to send job alerts that are specific to the individual candidate’s job search, whenever a relevant role becomes available. Personalised alerts are a fantastic way of enhancing the customer experience and improving customer engagement.

Everything starts with a message. Talk to Fortytwo about making us your preferred messaging partner.

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